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Many people are fascinated by sports, but they don't perform them as they don't think they are physically fit. Golf is a game that is loved by many people. It happens to be the most expensive game in the world. Many golfers love to keep them fit and in practice even during off-seasons. With the on-going situation of Covid-19 all over the world, it is not advisable to go out. And golf is a game where you interact with people.

This is one of the reasons why people are not going for golf. But to make them feel good, many companies have come up with indoor golf simulators. Many people who love golf but do not play it for whatever reason can opt for these simulators and get the essence of golf right. The best part about these simulators is that you don’t have to go out and or change plans due to bad weather. You can enjoy golf at home even when you are wearing your pajamas.

To help you know these products better, we have made a list of the best golf simulators available. You will be getting to know all the required information through this article, and it will help you finalize the product for your home.

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1. Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

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The first product on our list is by Zepp. This company is a leading brand in golf technology, and the 3D Swing Analyzer is nothing short of a masterpiece. The design is fabulous, the data analysis is more accurate, and there is an additional training program. This product is battery operated and can give you 5-8 hours of continuous use after being fully charged.

The Zepp 2 3D Swing Analyzer comes with a glove-attach sensor that makes it convenient for you to play without switching it every time you change a club. This sensor is the most important part of the Analyzer as it collects the swing data and sends it to the mobile app from where you can view all the information. You can pair the sensor and the device via Bluetooth. The Zepp2 is compatible with devices working with iOS and Android systems.

This device can give you an in-depth analysis of your performance. The data recorded through the sensor determines your hand direction, clubhead speed, swing plane, swing tempo, hip rotation, and backswing angle. The Analyzer analyzes all of this, and it establishes your swing characteristics. The sensor does not lag and works perfectly fine every time you use it. This product is worth the cost because of all the features it offers. You will not find these features in any of the standard analyzers available in the market.


  • Compatible with iOS and Android Systems
  • Video recording
  • 3D views
  • Detailed analysis of performance
  • Training videos included


  • Users reported having faced problems with connectivity
  • The user guide is not helpful

2. Tittle Golf X-Golf Premium Simulator

Tittle Golf X-Golf Premium Simulator

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The next product on our list is by Tittle. It has provided an excellent platform for beginners and even children who can learn how to play golf and improve their game. This is a budget-friendly product, perfect for those who want to purchase a golf simulator but are on a budget. It comes with a golf club that can be adjusted to the height of the user. If your children wish to play with you, you can adjust the club's length according to their height and enjoy the game.

The Tittle Golf X requires a lithium polymer to power the simulator. The energy of the battery has to be 72mAh. A fully charged battery will provide you 5 hours of run-time. The battery takes only 2 hours to get fully charged. The structure of this simulator is compact, making it easier for you to move it from one place to another. The setting up and packing both are easy. You can use it at home and the office as well.

The best thing about this simulator is the multi-player option. You can play alone, or you can have a tournament with your family and friends. You can enjoy family time with this simulator and engage your children in an enjoyable activity. It comes with 3 game modes and 12 golf courses through which you can train yourself and your children.

The installation is quite simple. You just need to have Bluetooth connectivity to enjoy the game. You can enjoy the game on PC or mobile/tablet. You need to download the required software before playing. If you wish to run the game on PC, then you should have Windows 7 or above as this game is compatible with Windows only. Use it on the mobile, iOS 8, or Android 4.3 and above to give you the best experience of this game.


  • Easy setup
  • Affordable
  • Training options
  • Multi-player option


  • Software lags sometimes

3. Phigolf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Simulator with Swing Stick

Phigolf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Simulator with Swing Stick

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Phigolf is another excellent option for home simulators. It is an affordable product that offers incredible features. It comes with a sensor that fits into any golf club along with the swing trainer that comes with it. The sensor assesses your swing and technique. From club speed to angle, tempo, and distance, it will assess your performance thoroughly.

The sensor is small and screws easily on the top of the grip of your club. It is so small that it weighs only 10 grams and is hardly noticeable. You need to download the app for this simulator on your mobile or tablet. You can mirror the app on your TV or smart TV and enjoy a larger view of the game.

You have to charge the sensor and fit it on to the golf grip. Turn on the app and the sensor and pair them together to start playing the game. The Phigolf analyses all the data collected through the sensor and provides a 3D view. This way, you get to know where you went wrong or how you should have played a shot. You can also play games with users in different countries. Or even create private matches with your friends.


  • 3D view of performance
  • Easy setup
  • Play games with random people as well as with friends


  • The game lags
  • The app needs improvement

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4. Rapsodo R-Motion and The Golf Club Simulator and Swing Analyser

Rapsodo R-Motion and The Golf Club Simulator and Swing Analyser

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Rapsodo R-Motion is one golf simulator that is in demand by many people. This golf simulator will enable you to enjoy your game indoors no matter what the weather is outside or how bad the pandemic hits. With so many options available in the market, Rapsodo takes the edge due to its advanced features. Though it is a bit pricier than some of the same league products, the advanced features are worth it.

Some of the features which have caught the golfers' eyes are the driving range, the courses it offers, multi-player facility, golf club compatibility, and accuracy of data. The driving range lets you practice your golf swing. The driving range comes with a quality turf with which you can practice your swing more accurately. This simulator also offers 15 courses with high graphics to get the real feel of a golf course.

The best thing about this simulator is that you get to use your golf clubs. All you have to do is to attach the clip and tracker to the golf club. You can use as many golf clubs as you wish because the clips are easy to switch. You can track your progress on a PC or a tablet. For PC, you have to use the dongle, and for a mobile app, you can connect through Bluetooth.


  • Multi-player option
  • Easy to setup
  • The facility of using personal golf clubs


  • People experienced sensor issues
  • Connection issues also reported

5. Galileo Golf Net Training Net

Galileo Golf Net Training Net

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If you are looking for a practicing net which you can use in your backyard, you should look at this product by Galileo. It has a superior design that will not disappoint you or damage your or your neighbour’s property. It is the perfect option for golfers who wish to practice their game at home. It is a sturdy and robust net with a stable design. No matter how hard you hit the golf ball, this practicing net will hold it up.

The 7 feet length and 10 feet width are wide enough for you to practice long and wide shots. Coming to the materials used for this product, the net is made from polyester, and the collapsible poles are made from fiberglass. The package includes 8 poles and a target, which helps in tracking the ball where it hits. Another great feature of this practicing net is that it is shaped like an amphitheatre and it bounces back the sound to the player. You will not be disturbing your neighbours while practicing. It is a highly durable product which going to last many years.


  • Handles high impact with no damage
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Setup is difficult
  • Teeing mat not included
  • Not suitable for small areas

6. ProScreens 96” x 96” HD Golf Simulator Impact Screen

ProScreens 96” x 96” HD Golf Simulator Impact Screen

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This is another great product which is designed for use indoors only. It is a high impact screen simulator made from high-end tight mesh, which gives the perfect crisp image with vibrant colours. This screen has been designed to take the full impact of a real golf ball. However, the company recommends using softballs instead of golf balls to extend the life of the screen.

The screen comes with pre-sewn pockets on the top and bottom to fit 3/4" round pipes. The sides of the screen are hemmed and grommet. To make the screen last long and serve you for more years, the company has added nylon webbing to both pockets and sides. The screen is machine washable. To remove the folds, you can either wash it or use a steamer. All in all, it is an excellent product for beginners who want to work on their targets.


  • Reinforced pockets are sewn on top and bottom
  • Machine washable
  • Durable


  • Needs a projector

7. Optishot Complete Golf Simulator System

Optishot Complete Golf Simulator System

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The last product on our list is the Optishot Complete Golf Simulator with Projector. It is a complete set which you need to create a setup at home for golf practice. It comes with an Espon projector. This set is ideal for people who are new to golf and don't want to go through the hassle of finding products separately for their golf simulator setup. It is suitable for beginners but serves well to intermediate and advanced level players.

The package includes a driving mat, enclosed hitting net, special projection golf impact screen, Espon projector, and an HDMI cable. The screen measures 9 feet tall and 9.8 feet wide. The package also includes heavy-duty tie wraps and bungee cords, which help set up the simulator screen. All you have to do is to decide the space and set the whole system. You will find everything you need in the package to set up the system. You can use real golf balls or even foam balls to practice your game. The whole package is worth the money.


  • Projector with screen included
  • Side nets to avoid damage to property
  • Everything included in the package


  • Needs more free courses

Final Thoughts

Golf simulators are a great way to exercise while staying at home. You can practice to make your game better and to stay fit as well. We hope this article was informative enough for you to decide which product to buy. All these products are great. You should select the one which serves the purpose well and is according to your budget.

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