Best Razor for bald head


Shaving your head will create the most daring classic look. With these tools and advice, you can create and maintain your look. Headblade is a manual razor designed exclusively for shaving the head. This type of razor has a handle that fits inside your hand and is very easy to maneuver around the curves of your head and scalp.

One of the great fears of people who shave their heads is to end up with cuts and wounds. However, the head blade's advantage is that its small wheels allow better mobility over the contour of the head. These razor blades are specifically designed for simplicity in shaving the head and reduces the time one would spend with other regular straight razors.

In this article, we will discuss seven amazing best razors for bald hair from which you can choose according to your choice and liking.

1. Proglide men's razor handle + 2 blade refills

Proglide men s razor handle

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Enhanced Lubrastrip

ProGlide men's razor is the best one for bald head, and it provides the precision of the Gillette shave with the required style and comfort. The main feature of this razor is that it has lubrastrip with more lubricants so that you can easily get a glide shave with great savings experience.

Gives you the smooth shave

This razor has soft micro trimmers that gently stretch and smooth the skin. Along with this, the micro comb is also present, which gives you the close shave you want. It is also equipped with the precision trimmer and 5 anti-friction razor blades so that you can get the best smooth shave ever.

Flexball technology

The razor handle works on the basis of Flexball technology with the help of which the blades always respond to the counters of your face and head. With the help of Flexball technology, you can get a close shave with fewer missed hairs. The good thing about this reason is that it gives you the best shave for 1 month.


  • ProGlide men's razor handle comes with a precision trimmer on the back.
  • It also comes with the refills, which are 5 blade razor handles.
  • Moreover, the blades are anti-friction as well as give you the close shave.
  • You can go for up to one month of shaves with each refill.
  • It is also equipped with micro combs to help glide hair to the blades.


  • Gillette Pro Glide is very lightweight.
  • You can easily hold it because of its ergonomic design.
  • It gives you a close shave.
  • It is worth for money.


  • According to someone review, it is not as precise as expected.

2. Merkur double edge blade razor, black

Merkur double edge blade razor

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Great for beginners

Merkur double edge blade razor is great for beginners, where you can easily shave your head as well as the face. So we can say that it is very easy to use and also have the ability to give you the shave that does not cause any skin irritation.

Traditional wet shaving method which many people want

This razor gives you the closest shave, and the good thing is that it does not cause any skin irritation, whether you have sensitive skin or normal skin. Moreover, it is also equipped with standard double edge razor blades and closed to give you the close shave you want.


The razor blade is very lightweight so that you can easily shave your head or face without any feeling of tiredness. Ensure that you are holding the razor at a 30-degree angle to let the razor's weight do the work while shaving.


  • This is a great razor to give you the delicate finish of the head.
  • It is a double edge safety razor which will provide the pleasant shave of the head you want.
  • It will never get corrosion because made up of superior stainless steel material.
  • Moreover, the razors are of high quality that lasts a lifetime.
  • It will give you a flawless shave and also prevent nicks and cuts.


  • Merkur double edge blade razor does not cause any skin irritation.
  • It comes with a fixed blade.
  • Merkur double edge blade razor is very lightweight and ergonomic.
  • It is a great razor without giving any cuts.


  • According to someone review, its weight is heavier than expected.

3. Schick hydro sense hydrate razors for men with skin guards and shock absorbent technology

Schick hydro sense hydrate razors for men with skin guards

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Shock absorb technology

Schick hydro sense hydrate razors give you the personalized shave you want because it is equipped with the shock absorber technology. The razor is adjustable, depending on how you shave. Moreover, it also has gel formulas so that you can easily customize it according to the style of skin protection.

Single blade edging

Additionally, it also has single blade edging to easily reach those areas that are hard to reach. You can easily switch between shaving larger surface areas because it has 5 blades.

Instant lubrication protection

It has upgraded gel pools, which gives you instant lubrication protection. So your skin of the head or face remains hydrated during the shave. However, it is available in 3 custom formulas; hydrate gel with coconut, energize gel with menthol, and comfort gel with herbal extracts.


  • Schick hydro sense comes with the unique hydrate gel formula with coconut oil.
  • So we can say that it is an amazing blade which hydrates the skin throughout each shave.
  • Moreover, it comes with a unique shock absorber technology that auto-adjust the shape according to your shaving style.
  • The additional lubrastrip will also give you the instant lubrication protection so that your skin remains hydrated during the shave.
  • It also comes with a flip trimmer so that it can easily reach the harder areas and gives you the close shave you want.
  • Lastly, it comes with one razor handle and 5 razor blade refills.


  • It uniquely hydrates the skin.
  • It is auto adjustable based on which type of shave you are doing.
  • Schick hydro sense has a flip trimmer for hard to reach areas.
  • Moreover, it comes with five razor blades refills.


  • The quality of this razor is not good.

4. Merkur mk34c double edge razor with a heavy-duty short handle

Merkur mk34c double edge razor with a heavy-duty short handle

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Great design and build

This is an amazing safety razor with a great designed and built so that you get the close shave of the head as well as the face if you want.

Two-piece design

In the market, many razors are available that have a three-piece design, but it has an incredible two-piece design, which is easy to use, and adjusting the blade is also easy.

Ergonomic handle

The handle is easy to hold because it is an ergonomic handle and helps to prevent it from slipping even when your hand is wet and softened by the shaving cream. Also, it is an affordable razor so that you can easily purchase it and get the quality shave.


  • This razor is a heavy-duty razor suitable for all skin types.
  • It has the ability to give you a closed and comfortable shave.
  • The razor is very easy to use and good for beginners.
  • It is very lightweight where it's weight is only 77 grams.
  • The razor is eco-friendly as well as comes with a thick belt for a comfortable non-slip grip.


  • It comes with a non-slip grip.
  • It gives you a comfortable close shave.
  • The handle is good and easy to hold.


  • It does not have the same quality as expected.

5. Vikings blade the emperor adjustable safety razor (frosted chrome)

Vikings blade the emperor adjustable safety razor

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All-rounder for a wet shave

Vikings blade is an adjustable safety razor that gives you the traditional allrounder wet shaving with a fabulous experience.

3 piece Construction

The razor is made with three-piece Construction, and the good thing is; it is best for beginners. You can tighten the head of the razor according to your choice.

Adjustable razor

This is a versatile razor that is adjustable so they can do almost anything you want in shaving. The head of the razor is adjustable, and also it has a hefty fat handle.


  • This blade comes with a safety razor handle and carrying case. However, it is not equipped with any blade.
  • Additionally, the razor has two symmetrical burrs on the door corner, so that you can easily bend the blade.
  • You can also give this razor as a meaningful gift on different occasions such as mother's day valentine's day father's day etc.
  • It has a symmetrical dual had with multiple regression so that it comes with the micro settings to fit the normal as well as the sensitive skin.
  • You can easily hold the safety razor because it has an all-in-one handle.


  • It gives you an excellent smooth shave.
  • Viking blades are high-quality blades.
  • It is suitable for both normal and sensitive skin.


  • The razor is heavy, and the materials are not good.

6. Gillette mach3 men's disposable razor, sensitive, 6 razors, mens razors/blades, 6 count

Gillette mach3 men s disposable razor, sensitive

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Sensitive disposable razor

Gillette Mach 3 is a sensitive disposable razor with three high definition blades so that it will give you the extra gliding and comfort with an indicator lubrastrip.

Good for sensitive skin

Gillette Mach 3 is an incredible razor that is great for sensitive skin. This is because it has the lubrastrip, which lubricates the skin while shaving.

Ergonomic handle

You can easily hold the razor because of the ergonomic handle of the razor. However, along with this, it also gives you the incredible closeness you want. If you go for a few strokes, then it means you will get less irritation.


  • The blades are of high quality so that every stroke does not cause any irritation.
  • You can easily rinse because of the ergonomic open system.
  • Moreover, it is also equipped with a spring-mounted pressure control system to adjust to different skin types.
  • It has a lubrastrip to provide smooth gliding.
  • Along with all these things, it comes with a soft and protective microblade which gently makes your skin smoother so that you get the even shave.


  • It is a great supplement to electric razors.
  • This razor is good for all types of skin.
  • It has lubrastrip to provide a smooth glide.


  • Gillette mach3 gives you the skin rash after use.
  • The handle is shallow.

7. Parker 96r - long handle butterfly open safety razor & 5 parker premium platinum double edge razor blades

Parker 96r - long handle butterfly open safety razor

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World's finest shaving

Parker 96R is perfectly engineered to give you the finest shaving because it is the high-quality razor and manufactured to the highest standards.

Butterfly opening

This incredible razor is equipped with a butterfly opening mechanism so that you can easily replace the blade of the razor. However, the razor is made up of a solid brass frame and the world's famous shaving head design.

Closest shave

The razor is designed in a way to ensure the quality shaving experience along with the textured handle for a sure grip. So you will ensure the beautiful and durable finish to each razor.


  • This is an amazing safety razor for a bald head.
  • There are five parker premium blades included in the packaging.
  • This is a solid construction razor because of the genuine brass frame.
  • It will give you a good grip because of the textured handle.
  • It is twisted to open butterfly doors so that you can easily replace the blade.


  • It is easier to replace the blades because of the opening in a butterfly shape.
  • It is a high-quality razor because made up of aluminum.
  • It has the ability to give you a close shave.
  • You can also use it for wet shaving.


  • These blades are expensive as well as not eco friendly.

Things to consider while buying razor for bald head

Whether you want to do it simply because you like it or because you have a hair loss problem, using the shaved cut maybe your best option because it will always be in style. To know which shaver to shave the head you should buy, you must take into account some recommendations, here are the most important:

  • Weight and size

    These pair of features largely defines the razor's comfort. Look for models that are ergonomic, lightweight, and have non-slip in the grip area.

  • Blades

    Make sure their blades are replaceable and that you can get replacement parts for the model you want to buy. There are machines that offer the advantage of self-sharpening while running.

  • Accessories

    These head razors usually come with a set of combs to choose the length of the hair to cut. The built-in combs are more comfortable, but the interchangeable ones are much more versatile.

  • The Versatility

    The best models of electric razors have the advantage that you can use them on your face, body, and head. A horrarás time and will make you a more comfortable life.

  • Choose recognized manufacturers

    Although they are a bit more expensive, it is preferable that you choose the best brands of razors to shave your head. Not only do their products have better quality, but they offer more accessories, better technical service, and spare parts.

  • Make a comparison of razors for the head.

    Before choosing, make a list of all the advantages and disadvantages of the models that you like the most, so you can objectively compare which of them best suit your needs and budget.


Man's skin is vulnerable to the heat or cold outside. Redness, pustules, or a small allergic reaction could make you angry. Now the bald head needs a lot of attention. Because in the mountains or in hot summer, the bald wearer better put a chic cap on top. Otherwise, it is essential to use a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor. In winter, there is a risk of dehydration, so: put a woolen hat on! And you are never surprised: almost 50% of the body heat is released through the bald scalp.

In general, baldness is quite easy to care for. On the one hand, you save yourself going to the hairdresser, and the daily styling of sometimes unruly hair and swirls is no longer necessary. Even cleaning the scalp is wonderfully easy. In the shower, you simply lather your head at the same time and remove dirt and grease.