Best Speakers for Conference Calls


When you are taking a conference call on your Android phone, you feel difficulty in hearing a clear voice. For this purpose, speakers are designed for conference calls so that you can listen to the sound. These speakers are portable and are designed for particular situations when you need to get up and run for conference calls quickly. Many people are using these portable speakers for conference calls in the office. So it is the need for the day and also an excellent choice for small to medium meeting rooms.

Also, these are necessary because it is enabled for the group of people to hear the sound from a smartphone and also speaking together. By connecting the speakers to your smartphone for conference calls or any other purpose, you have a better conferencing experience and using merely a laptop or the phone which is better suited to individual conferencing.

Even if you are not taking the conference call, you can also use these speakers for listening to the music or watching a movie by connecting it to your Android phone. However, they are used for conference calls because the sound of your phone is not enough to hear clearly. There are countless speakers available in the market which you can use efficiently for conference calls. In this article, we will discuss five products of the best speakers for conference calls as they are the best in making your conference call experience a better one.

1. Jabra Speak 710 MS Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for Softphones and Mobile Phones

Jabra Speak 710 MS Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for Softphones and Mobile Phones

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Powerful volume output

Jabra speakers show the powerful volume output because of its internal speaker which can produce high-quality sound even in decent-sized rooms.

Portable Bluetooth speaker

Jabra speakers are one of the most useful and fantastic portable Bluetooth speakers. You can share it with mostly all Android mobiles including Samsung Galaxy S3. The sound quality is more excellent and does not produce any noise when it is pair up with mobiles or tablets.

Battery life

The battery life of Jabra speakers is greater rating about 15 hours of talk time after a full charge. So it is the best speaker for the people who have to chat for an extended amount of period.

Bluetooth connectivity

When you connect the Jabra speakers with your smartphone, then it has the ability to establish secure Bluetooth connections. You will be amazed to hear that it has the capability of connecting up to 300 feet through Bluetooth. So its Bluetooth connectivity is impressive and very strong, maintaining its connection 50feet away in other rooms.


  1. Jabra speakers are amazing wireless Bluetooth speakers for smartphones and mobile phones.
  2. They are portable speakers and have an easy setup.
  3. You can use Jabra speakers for holding meetings anywhere with high-quality sound.
  4. The speakers have the immersive sound for call and music ok with an omnidirectional microphone and HD voice.
  5. Jabra speaker has an easy set up where you can use it easily with intuitive plug-and-play connectivity.
  6. It can connect with smartphones, tablets, or laptops in just seconds.

Pros and Cons


  • This is a fantastic speaker with fantastic reviews.
  • It is very elegant and attractive design speaker.
  • You can use the Jabra speaker very easily.
  • It is a portable speaker as you have the choice of Bluetooth.
  • Jabra speakers can work with a variety of UC platforms.
  • You can use Jabra speakers for smartphones as well as PC.


  • If you are 5 feet away from the speaker, then your voice might sound distorted.
  • It is a costly speaker for conference calls.

2. Bluetooth Speakerphone - eMeet M2 Gray Conference Speaker

Bluetooth Speakerphone - eMeet M2 Gray Conference Speaker

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Crystal clear voice

Bluetooth speakers have crystal clear voice when you have conversations during Skype or any other calls. It has noise reduction and echo-cancellation Technology. We can use Bluetooth speakers for home Studio, online video calls, and Google Voice Search.

Multiple connections and high compatibility

There are no drivers needed in Bluetooth speakers; you just have to plug in and play. You can easily connect the speakerphone to your mobile phone, PC, or Tablet. You can join the speakers through Bluetooth or USB wire. It has multiple connection capabilities and highly compatible with many Android mobile, tablets, and PC.

One Mute button design

Now you can also mute the speaker, and when you press the mute button in the middle of the conference call, it will turn on a LED ring light. Now at this time, you will not hear the other side of the call anymore. It is also designed to facilitate your use when you have to press only one button answer or end call.


  1. Bluetooth speakers are fantastic speakers for conference calls.
  2. It is ideal for 360-degree voice pickup and smart AI microphone array.
  3. These are the best speakers for a conference call which delivers good call quality.
  4. Bluetooth speakers are different from others as it has patented noise reduction technology.
  5. These speakers have acoustic echo canceller, which completely eliminates the Eco and noise during a call. So it will give you a superior experience in noisy outdoor areas.
  6. Bluetooth speakers are ideal for multiple connections, and it is highly compatible with mobile phones, tablets, or PC, etc.
  7. The speakers also have one mute button in the middle of the operational panel.

Pros and Cons


  • It is portable speakers for conference calls with robust Bluetooth connectivity.
  • You can use this speaker for up to 10 Bluetooth devices as it has multiple connections.
  • It is highly compatible and optimized mainstreams such as Skype, zoom, etc.
  • Bluetooth speakers have one-button mute design and guarantee an immersive sound.


  • These are costly speakers for conference calls.

3. Plantronics Calisto 610-M Portable USB Speakerphone Optimized for Microsoft Lync

Plantronics Calisto 610-M Portable USB Speakerphone Optimized for Microsoft Lync

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Amazing speakers for large groups conference calls

Plantronics Calisto is the fantastic speaker that is the best fit for large group conference calls. It gives you the full clarity of your music or vocals.

Wireless capability

Now you can enjoy the freedom of making the conference calls with wireless capability. You can move anywhere in your apartment while having the conference calls through Plantronics speakers. Now you can easily wirelessly connect your phone with Plantronics speakers, and stream audio from your Bluetooth enabled device.

The USB port also serves as a charging port.

Plantronics speakers are amazing, which has an integrated USB port which you can also use it for the charging port for other devices. It has amazing Bluetooth pairing with crystal clear voice and digital signal processing. Plantronics speaker has noise reduction quality because it has the ability of echo cancellation. You can also use it in other rooms because of multi-room capability and USB charging port.


  1. Plantronics Calisto is the portable PC speaker for conference calls anywhere.
  2. These are the amazing speakers which have a corded USB for plug-and-play conferencing call or music.
  3. The speakers are easy to use and portable.
  4. Plantronics Calisto has simplified call management with an easy interface.
  5. This is the ideal speaker for calls in small and medium-sized work areas.

Pros and Cons


  • The audio quality of Plantronics Calisto speakers is great.
  • Plantronics is compatible with many softphones and UC platforms.
  • It is an ideal speaker and has a compact portable design.
  • Plantronics Calisto is an affordable speaker with great audio quality.
  • You can use Plantronics Calisto very easily.


  • As it has a wide connection, it will decrease the mobility of the speakers.

4. Logitech 980000741 P710e Mobile Speakerphone, Black

Logitech 980000741 P710e Mobile Speakerphone, Black

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Pocket-friendly speakers

Logitech mobile speaker is the best pocket-friendly speakers for the conference call. It has an integrated device stand which is very helpful in positioning your mobile phone or tablets. It is helpful in checking free video calls. It also has hands-free access to the mobile screen.

Life like communication experience

Logitech speakerphones are the best one as it produces high-quality sounds which give you the life-like communication experience. This is because it has true wideband audio so that you can hear the sound clearly and enjoy the good quality sound.

USB plug and play connectivity

Now you can easily connect the Logitech speakers with a USB plug and play connectivity. You will be amazed to know that you can connect Logitech speakers up to 8 Bluetooth devices easily. Logitech speakers have a unique battery life and have a talk time of 15 hours.


  1. Logitech mobile speakerphone is black in color and has an integrated device stand which position is your Tablet or mobile so that you can have shake-free video calls.
  2. The speakers have hands free access to the mobile screen.
  3. Logitech speakers are the amazing ones having a long battery life of up to 15 hours.
  4. Logitech Bluetooth speakers have a USB plug and play connectivity so that it can easily connect to the Android phone or PC.
  5. It has multi-connection Technology where you can pair up to 8 Bluetooth devices.

Pros and Cons


  • Logitech speakers are compact and portable with a nice carrying case.
  • Audio quality is up to the mark, and it works with a variety of UC platforms.
  • Logitech is considered to be the ideal speaker for video calls as well as audio calls.
  • You can use the Logitech speakers for Android devices, but they are ideal for iPhones and iPads.


  • Sometimes, this speaker is not able to pick up your voice clearly, especially in the rooms with echo.
  • You have to place this speaker right in front of your microphone.
  • Logitech speakers have some interference issues on Bluetooth.

5. Calisto 7200, Premium Speakerphone

Calisto 7200, Premium Speakerphone

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Good sound quality

Calisto 7200 premium speakerphones are famous for good sound quality, especially for conference calls. It has a connection played with USB so that you can connect it easily. It is the omnidirectional microphone that provides 360-degree room coverage.

True white band audio

Now you can easily hear and be heard with the help of true wideband audio. So it will provide you with a life-like communication experience on both sides of the call.

Long battery life

Logitech mobile speakerphone has a Long battery life where the talk time between the charges is up to 15 hours.


  1. Calisto premium speakers show the premium conferencing experience.
  2. You can connect Calisto premium speakerphone easily with Bluetooth and USB.
  3. It has Bluetooth clearing function which removes previously paired devices.
  4. The locking mechanism of Calisto 7200 premium speakerphone is amazing where it keeps the device stationary in small team meeting rooms.
  5. Call setup of Calisto speakerphone is easy and with plug and play USB.

Pros and Cons


  • Calisto speakers are an amazing one with simple operation.
  • The audio quality of Calisto 7200 speakers is very good.
  • You can connect the speakers easily with Bluetooth and USB.


  • You have to be pretty close to the speakers to pick up the voice clearly.

Buying Guide to Buy Best Speakers for Conference Calls

Are you thinking of purchasing the best speakers for your conference calls? If yes, then this buying will help you in having the best speakers which fit best with your choices.

Size of the speakers

Many people are more concerned about the size of the speakers. Many speakers are available in large sizes, whereas some are small speakers. Now it is your choice which size you want. Large speakers are designed for movie nights, large parties, gatherings, or office meetings. On the other side, you can use small size speakers in your home for conference calls.

Battery life

Nowadays all people are much more concerned about battery life, whether it is the battery life of the speakers or the battery life of the smartphone. So the best speakers must have a Long battery life, but sometimes speakers with short battery lifespan do their jobs much efficiently.


As you are using speakers for conference calls, it must be durable and of high quality. High-quality speakers will last longer and are more versatile.

Water resistance

The speakers used for conference calls or any other purpose must be water-resistant so that you can take it to the pool or the beach.

Sound quality

This is the most important factor while purchasing speakers for conference calls. As you were using it in wider areas, the sound quality must be higher to ensure that they are giving the best audio performance during a call or any other purpose.

I hope this buying guide will help you a lot while purchasing the best speakers for conference calls.


Speakers for the conference call is the need in the modern era, whether you are using these speakers for a conference call in the home or in the office. They are portable in a way that you can connect your Android phone to the speaker through Bluetooth. These speakers have beautiful designs and powerful sound quality during conference calls. In this article, we have presented five products of portable speakers for conference calls which you can choose according to your choice and preferences.

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