Electric Shaver vs. Razor


By traditional shaving, we mean the use of ordinary razors, those of a lifetime. There would be several variants within this method, such as the use of disposable razors, or more modern replaceable razor blades. Or even a modality on the rise lately, such as the classic shave itself or vintage shaving. We are using barber-style blades and an extensive range of accessories and products to complete the shave.

And the first thing that should be said is that it is an absurd fight. Both methods fulfill their function, have their pros and cons, and are better adapted to each person depending on the user's profile. In this short guide, we will talk a little about the advantages and disadvantages of each method and, ideally, it would be to be able to test both systems for a while and be able to decide which system best meets our needs.

Electric Shaving Machine

Electric Shaving Machine

Here we refer to the use of an electric shaver for shaving, and there are also several systems (foils and rotary) and possible variations such as wet or dry shaving. One of the constant battles in the shaving world, apart from many others, is electric razors versus manual razors. And like many other battles, it is often unnecessary as there are no definite pluses or mistakes here.

Electric Shaver Features

NanoTech precision blades

Extra strong and sharp-edged blades to shave with maximum precision. The NanoTech precision blades are reinforced with nano-particles to cut hair with maximum precision, offering an unmatched close shave—ferrules with anti-friction coating for optimal comfort and smoothness. Get an extremely smooth shave on the skin. The ferrules are coated with metallic pigments to shave without irritating the skin. Enjoy uncompromising shaving comfort.

Wireless Charging Pad

Charging base included for wireless charging. To wirelessly charge the shaver's powerful lithium-ion battery or any other compatible device, simply place it on the charging pad that comes with the shaver.

Advantages of electric shaving

  1. Convenience and speed.

    One of the main reasons to switch to electric shaving is because of the practicality it has. No more long and thorough prep work, no more shaving foam, and no more cleaning or caring for your equipment. You take your electric razor, and you directly shave. After that, you just need to place your shaver in the automated cleaning and charging station, and that's it.

  2. Comfort.

    Traditional shaving involves the use of a sharp blade, and that inherently comes with some risks. Of course, careful prep work and proper technique can greatly reduce these risks, but a manual razor is not an option for some less fortunate men.

    Typically, using an electric razor will provide more comfort, less irritation, and avoid possible skin cuts. Most men with sensitive skin, prone to irritation, chafing, and ingrown facial hairs will benefit from switching to an electric razor.

  3. Close Shave

    You don't have to give up a wet shave. You shouldn't, as it can greatly improve your shave's quality over the closeness and comfort provided. Most of today's electric razors are waterproof and can be used with shaving creams and gels. This may seem like it defies an electric razor's purpose to some, Which is completely understandable. After all, one of the main advantages of electric shaving is not dealing with all the messy stuff about traditional shaving.

  4. Improve your Shaving Experience

    But if you are one of the men who bought an electric razor just for the convenience of it, I assure you that this can improve your shaving experience even more. I wrote an extensive guide on choosing a quality shaving cream, and I highly recommend that you read it if you want to know more.

  5. Give you the Salon Luxury.

    Wet shaving has the salon luxury associated with it, and you can still enjoy a visit on the weekends, for example, if you are limited by the time during the week.

  6. It can be inexpensive.

    The initial acquisition cost is usually quite high, but it is a good investment in the long term. A quality electric razor will last for many years but will require you to replace the blades and blades (usually once every year). Even so, when compared to replacement blade cartridges that are expensive and don't last very long, you can easily see the money savings. Unfortunately, when it comes to manual cleaning, an electric razor cannot match a double-edged razor where dirt only reaches the blades.


  • Due to the electric shavers, the shaving process becomes easier for many men who want to get the desired results.
  • The electric shavers are also suitable for sensitive skin, especially for those people who have the danger of getting cuts and nicks from the simple razors.
  • People who have acne problems will also get less irritation or inflammation while using electric shavers.
  • Most amazingly, electric shavers are the excellent choice, if you want to shave your head. This will make the process easy, and you will not have to go to the salon if you want to get your head shaved.
  • If you want to give a particular shape to your beard and want the detailed work, then electric shavers are a good choice.
  • However, the cost of an electric shaver is high, but in the long run, it will save lots of money. This is because now you do not have to worry about purchasing the new razors after a few shaves.


  • The only bottom line of electric shavers is that sometimes it will not give you the clean results, but it all depends on how you use the electric shaver.


A beard razor is a perfect instrument or accessory to shave easily

A beard razor is a perfect instrument or accessory to shave easily, quickly, and safely in a very short time without leaving home. These accessories are practical and easy to use and are a good alternative to save money and contribute to the care of the planet since they have a non-disposable structure that can be used for a long time.

Men's razors can be adapted to different skin types to avoid irritation and have features tailored to each user's needs.


For a classic razor to be resistant and durable, it is important to make sure that its materials and those of its components are of good quality. Razor frames and blades are generally made of stainless steel with chrome surfaces. But you can also find some with titanium elements or wooden handles. We also recommend choosing a model with hypoallergenic materials to avoid irritation, especially if you have delicate skin.

Shaver type

  • There are several types of shaver depending on the design and layout of its cutting system and head. Depending on the type of comb, you can find closed or open comb razors.
  • The former has a head that exposes the blades less, thus providing a safer shave and is perfect for sensitive skin types and a light to the medium beard. On the other hand, open comb razors have a serrated design that leaves the blade more exposed, making it ideal for cutting medium or thick beards.
  • Another type of shaver widely used is the slant head type, ideal for those who have more dexterity with manual razors. And it is that in this type of shavers, the edge of the blades has an oblique shape and makes a more precise and efficient inclined cut.

Blade housing

You can find razors with different parts and mechanisms for placing the blades on the head in the market. The two-piece ones consist of a handle attached to the head's base and a removable top piece that is removed to replace the blades. The three-piece models allow the head to be removed by unscrewing it from the handle and thus dividing the comb and head cap.

Cushioning and flexibility

For the razor to better adapt to the curvature of the face and to cut the hair in those areas more easily, it is best to have a system of flexible heads. The razor must glide smoothly and smoothly. For this, some models incorporate microparticles that cushion and reduce friction between the skin and the head. In any case, it is advisable to use special foil shavers that facilitate gliding to avoid any type of irritation.

Amazing Grip of Handles

The handle's design, weight, and size are some of the most influential characteristics to ensure comfort and manageability when shaving. It is common for shaver handles to have non-slip or rough surfaces to grip them more firmly and safely, especially when they are wet.

Some handles are made of steel with grooves or textured surfaces for added grip. Other models have handles made of bamboo wood whose surface is rough enough to prevent them from slipping. It is best to choose a model with an ergonomically designed handle of a comfortable length for the size of your hands and helps you make more precise passes.


So that you can easily handle the shaver, the weight of the handle, and the rest of the elements must be balanced. If it is light, you may tend to shave very quickly and apply more force than necessary, producing cuts and unwanted irritations on your skin.

Advantages of traditional shaving

  1. The closest shave is possible.

    Regardless of whether you are using a dual blade electric razor or even a cartridge razor, a manual razor will always shave closer to the skin than an electric razor. Additionally, proper prep work, quality products, and the correct technique can produce great comfort and closeness.

  2. Cheap

    This mainly applies to double-edged razors that use a single blade. They are sharp, inexpensive, and last a longer period of time compared to refill cartridges.

    There is something manly and nice is a razor blade. Hot water, your hand reaching for your razor as you apply some cooling cream to your face with a refreshing scent - these are some of the things that make a traditional shave so enjoyable. You will never feel that pleasant sensation when you shave with an electric razor.


  • You will look more stylish with the help of simple razors as well as they are designed to give you high performance.
  • Your face is safe, and if you are experienced, then you will get fewer cuts and nicks.
  • It is a good option for beginners as well as a reasonable option for shaving your face or any body parts.
  • Shaving with razors is an easy process as well as you will get the closest shave without stress or learning how to use a razor.
  • If you travel a lot or move around a lot, then razors are the perfect option for you.
  • It will allow you to shave on the move and do not have to worry about where to keep it.
  • Moreover, razors are available at affordable price.


  • Sometimes, the length of the handle is quite short when you shave with a razor.

Which is Good, Electric Shaver, or Razor?

Whether wet or dry shave is a fundamental question, both have advantages and disadvantages. With the electric razor, shaving is usually easier and faster.

Wet or dry shaving

Since the electric shaver's invention, some may be wondering whether to choose a razor or an electric shaver. The shaving habit has been around for thousands of years, and various methods have been used to this day.

For many men, shaving is the act of grooming, and shaving is the key to a pleasant start to the day. Both razors and electric shavers can be effective shaving methods, so the final choice depends on your shaving habits and what you want to do.

Wet shaving basic

Razor shaving and hysteresis effect

A razor is designed using a function called "hysteresis". This action allows the hair to lift from the follicle and then cut as the blade touches the hair. Newer razors have a second and third blade added. Multiple blades are designed to lift and cut hair and push it back beneath the skin's surface for a smooth shave. This function allows you to shave deeply. The more precisely designed, the more comfortable shaving is possible.

Basics of dry (electric) shaving

The electric shaver has two hair-cutting parts. One is a thin piece of metal called a perforated foil. The other is the "undercutter", a set of small blades that move quickly back and forth under the foil. The small holes in the foil are smooth on the outside but sharp on the inside, acting as a second blade.

Electric shavers utilize the elasticity of the skin to keep the shaving effect long. The shaver pushes down on the skin, moving it as if the ship were making a bow wave.

There are basically two types of electric shavers:

Shavers rotary type and reciprocating type. Both are equipped with foil, and the skin is in constant contact with the foil while the blade ("undercutter") is moving under the foil. The main difference between the two electric shavers is the movement of the undercutter.

Rotary shaver

  1. Rotary Electric Shaver

    In the rotary type, the cutter moves in a circle under the foil.

  2. Reciprocating shaver

    Reciprocating Electric Shaver-Gillette In the reciprocating type, the cutter moves linearly from one to the other. All brown shavers are reciprocating shavers.

Which is right for you?

Both razors and electric shavers provide a comfortable deep shave. Wet or dry shaving? Which one you choose depends on your personal preferences, such as your shaving habits and what you want to do. It takes about a month for the skin to adapt itself to the new shaving method. When changing shaving methods, consider that it may take a while for the skin to get used to the new shaving. After shaving, wash the washbasin clean.


Electric and traditional shaving seems to have divided shaving enthusiasts into two camps. The best method is actually the one that works best for you, regardless of your reasons for choosing one over the other. It can be both the dry electric shave for its convenience and time effectiveness, it can also be the wet electric shave for your comfort, or totally apart it can be a traditional shave for the quality of close shaving and pure enjoyment. The most important thing, in the end, is that you use the one that works best for you and enjoy your shave!

Electric Shaver